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     As a very late bloomer who needs to learn everything about making art, I  study bits and pieces in no particular or logical order but I always keep learning. I mostly follow my intuition and my heart.
     I tend to be very experimental in what I do and I try to keep an open mind. My art is always evolving. My approach is a bit like my cooking. I try new recipes and once I have a general idea of the process (recipe), I see what is on hand (materials) and what inspires me that day, throw everything together and hope for the best. Discovering new ingredients (colours, tools, material, etc) always leads to experimentation. That is why I love working in mixed media. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. I find that very stimulating and exciting.  I work mainly on canvas and wood panels, occasionally on paper . Experimenting with painting faces and figures is my newest


     I like to incorporate “treasures” in my work from my world travels such as gravel from Mount Vesuvius, sand form the Sahara desert, pieces of rusty metal from the Isle of Skye or from a walk near the Sea of Galilee.    

     My photographs, mostly of cracks in sidewalks, shapes, dumpters, walls (old, decaying)

are also sources of inspirations for my paintings. 



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